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Our New Favourite Lager

Schneider’s Landbrauerei (of Schneider Weisse fame) have launched a lager, and we love it. It’s exactly what you’d expect from a German lager – flavoursome but also crisp and refreshing with a distinctive hop bite.

It’s Brewed with 100% Bavarian ingredients and hand-crafted in the traditional method – by the sixth generation of the Schneider brewers family.

It also makes use of the brewery’s own well, boasting a water profile imitated the world over by brewers seeking to make perfect lager.

Barley from the extremely fertile Gäuboden region is malted to Schneider’s specification for a Helles with a nourishing breadiness.

The best Bavarian hops from the Hallertau region have been selected from farms that have worked with the Schneider family for generations.

If you like your beer with provenance and heritage – here it is

We have limited stocks of this, but we’re expecting a good sized top up very soon, so drop us an email if you’d like us to reserve you some.