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Champions of Local Food

One of the things we’re most proud of at Vittles is being able to showcase some of the outstanding local food & drink made right here on our doorstep. Wherever possible we try to build these foods into our menu too – it’s a great way to showcase the products and encourage our customers to try them.

Most recently we took delivery of some Traditionally Smoked Salmon from Alfred Enderby, who have been smoking fish for well over 100 years on Grimsby Docks. One of the few truly traditional smokehouses remaining, their ornate iron cowls atop their smokehouse are an iconic part of the Docks skyline.

One of the mainstays of our offering is the coffee we buy from The Blending Room. Based in Hull, James and Katie head a team with over 27 years coffee experience, and they’ve been instrumental in developing the coffee scene North of the river. We’re delighted to be serving their coffee here, as well as offering their bags for sale at the bar and on our website.

Probably the most popular single food item on our menu is our Chilli Jam & Roast Chicken Toastie, made using Scotch Bonnet Jam from The Beatroot Collective. Made by one of our favourite local home-spun businesses, these jams, alongside their hot sauces and chutneys, have proven extremely popular amongst some of our most hardened chilli lovers (and raised the heart rates of a few others!).

We also have the pleasure of serving, on warm bagels and croissants, some amazing local honey harvested in Bradley, a mere couple of miles from the Grimsby Cafe Bar. And no self-respecting local food range would be complete without some Jam, so we have Thorny Devils Sea Buckthorn Jams which deliver a unique sweet and sour experience, using berries harvested down the road on Cleethorpes beach.

Its our ambition to build a collection of local food & drink which showcases the full range of what our region’s local foodies are capable of, and we think these guys have helped us get off to a great start.

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